Aylmer 125th

Elgin County political leaders at the 125th Anniversary celebration for the Town of Aylmer. Left to right: Jack Couckuyt, Mayor, Town of Aylmer; Dave Mennill, Mayor, Township of Malahide; Bill Walters, Elgin County Warden; Joe Preston, MP, Elgin-Middlesex-London; Jeff Yurek, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London; Heather Jackson, Mayor, City of St. Thomas; Paul Ens, Mayor, Municipality of Bayham.

Image courtesy of the Aylmer Express

This online exhibit was created in celebration of the 125 year anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Aylmer. The purpose of this exhibit is to show the variety and complexity of Aylmer’s history. Many topics are covered including the history of the town’s schools, churches, municipal services, political leaders, social organizations, and businesses, each illustrated with various images from the collections of the Elgin County Archives. 

Additional material on this site was gathered from the Elgin County Archives collections and from the following texts:

-Barons, Kirk. The History of Aylmer to 1900. Aylmer, Ontario: Heritage Aylmer, 1981.
-Aylmer Rotary Club. The millennium history of Aylmer. Aylmer, Ontario.: Aylmer Rotary Club, 2000.
-East Elgin Secondary School. Scrapbook of Aylmer, 1887-1987: the top 50 events of the past 100 years. Aylmer, Ontario: East Elgin Secondary School, 1987.

This virtual exhibit was created by Andrew Lockhart, Tyler Chenosky & Cristina Naccarato, UWO-LIS 9672, 2012.