Port Bruce Temporary Bridge Completion

Warden Marr on Temporary Bridge CENTRAL ELGIN – Elgin County is pleased to announce that the Port Bruce Temporary Bridge will be open for public use by the end of day Monday August 20. Elgin is happy to have achieved this significant milestone ahead of the previously scheduled opening date of August 27, 2018.

In order to facilitate the movement of vehicles over the newly installed, single lane bridge and through the village of Port Bruce, a traffic control plan has been established. This plan will remain in place until the permanent bridge is replaced. This plan will be monitored and evaluated over the coming weeks and modifications made as necessary.

“It took a true team effort to restore this vital transportation link to the Port Bruce community ahead of schedule,” said Warden David Marr. “I am thankful that today we are able to return to the Port Bruce Community this important piece of community infrastructure. This bridge is a passage way for much more than vehicular traffic as it is also a conduit for economic activity and community safety.”

The County of Elgin would like to thank the residents of Port Bruce for their patience over the past several months while the County of Elgin navigated this unique challenge. The safety of the community is of paramount importance to County Council and this temporary bridge will provide timely access into the village for both residents and emergency responders.

The County would like to acknowledge Medavie EMS Elgin Ontario, the Central Elgin Fire Department, and the Malahide Fire Department for their cooperation during this time to ensure that the safety needs of Port Bruce residents were met.

“While the loss of the bridge was a significant challenge, I am very pleased how the entire project team at the municipal, county and emergency services levels worked together to ensure that the public safety needs of the Port Bruce residents were maintained,” said Chief Administrative Officer Julie Gonyou.

“Now that this vital transportation link to the Port Bruce community is restored, our project team can devote their full attention to moving the permanent bridge project forward,” said Warden Marr.